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Sticker - Radical Quilter (Add-On Item)

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This wicked awesome, high quality, vinyl sticker measures at 2.5" x 4". Perfect for a laptop, sewing machine, or water bottle. Sticker is opaque white and black.

What is a radical quilter? So glad you asked!

A RADICAL QUIILTER is someone who embraces some or all of these concepts when quilting:

They quilt to challenge norms, to raise awareness, or bring about social change. They lift unrepresented voices, support local designers or shops, or focus on sustainability. They identify outdated and unfair industry practices or challenge tradition.

Sound like you? Show off your sticker with pride! 

***Please note that there are TWO listings for these stickers. One listing is to purchase the sticker as it's own item that will be shipped to you as a letter would (nice and slow and no tracking). The other listing is to purchase the sticker as an add-on item to an already shipping order (for example, if you are also purchasing printed patterns or fabric), in which case there is no additional shipping and it will arrive with the rest of your items (fast and tracked).