Fat Quarter - Ice Dyed Quilting Cotton (colorway: Highlighter)

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Introducing my December 2020 Collection of Ice Dyed and Bleach Dyed fabrics! All are hand dyed from the highest quality quilter's cotton, ready for your next project. My measurements are generous, often 2 inches wider than the typical fat quarter or half meter; just for good measure! All dyed fabrics have been meticulously rinsed and washed numerous times to ensure that they are ready for use. If you decide to wash your fabrics, whether it's before or after your project is done, wash with COLD water only and even use a color catcher for added security. This particular colorway is called HIGHLIGHTER. Lastly, there are multiples of each listing, so the particular piece of fabric you receive may not be the exact one that's in the photograph, but will be from the same cut. Also, if a fat quarter is pictured but you are ordering a half meter, rest assured that you will receive a complete half meter instead of the fat quarter pictured. SAVE ON SHIPPING BY BUYING MULTIPLE ITEMS!!!